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"CSI Food" investigated the science behind food production and quality assurance of end products. We wanted to explore a specific application in this area, and decided on the quality control of beer: Microorganisms are a necessary part of the brewing process, but they can also ruin the beer; careful control of microorganisms is therefore crucial. We wanted our research to be applicable and therefore looked for partners. We approached Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg, the largest private brewery in Austria. Because we had previously worked with the brewery, we knew that the company was very open to new ideas and educational initiatives. To help us with this project, we needed someone familiar with modern techniques and cutting-edge technology, and so we contacted Tecan. In combination with the HybriScanD Beer assay (Sigma-Aldrich), a rapid molecular test using photometric detection, we could set up a molecular system for the detection of microorganisms in beer that is now evaluated by Stiegl. Our achievements were presented at Jugend Innovativ, a highly regarded national competition that provides a platform for young scientists to show the results of novel research projects. "CSI Food" came in 3rd out of 32 entries from all over Austria.
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