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By taking part in international projects, students from our school increase their chances in getting a job in the world labour market. Working together with students from schools and colleges from other European countries both improves their english skills and their social competences.

Ursprung has successfully taken part in numerous European projects in the past few years. The running-project INSTED (International Student Education) is designed for students in vocational education with an emphasis on international experience. Students of HLFS Ursprung are sent to partner schools in 4 different countries and attend specific courses related to their competences. Partners include Groenhorst College (Holland) who offers courses in the field of crop production, Graasten Landbrugskole (Denmark) who holds courses on the feeding of high-yielding dairy cows, Smiltenes Tehnikums (Latvia) who specialises in goat dairy products and Valle Videregaende Skole (Norway) who provides training for junior entrepreneurs. Participants are mainly interested in improving their practical and theoretical vocational education. Furthermore, English language skills and experience in different international environments will be of great importance in the future european labour market. Last, the co-operation with local companies such as dairies, breeding organizations, engineering companies or mills allows students to gain insight into topic-related labour processes. The courses last for 3 weeks. www.inpactproject.eu

Students´ experiences:
"The project was well organised and we were taken on a lot of interesting excursions" (Marlene, Denmark).
"I am very glad that I got the chance to take part in this international project. I truly recommend this to everyone!" (Franz, Netherlands)
"The course was strictly orientated to real life situations and the impressions I got I could set into practice at home, which is of great importance to me!" (Lisa, Norway)
Another successful co-operation was a Comenius project entitled “I wanna be fitter”. It dealt with obesity among young people, eating habits in different countries and the preparation of healthy food. We visited schools in Turkey, Italy and Belgium and stayed with host families which added a special spirit to the project.


We are constantly looking for new project partners from all over Europe.
If you are interested in a co-operation with HLFS Ursprung please contact us!
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