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Colleges for higher vocational education in Austria provide both vocational training and a general education starting from the ninth school year. Instruction lasts for five years and the final exam is the Reife- und Diplomprüfung and VET (= Vocational Education and Training) Diploma that offers access to tertiary education and to regulated professional activities.

HBLA Ursprung offers three tracks:
Agriculture and Forestry focuses on animal husbandry, plant cultivation, forestry, machinery and practical training
Environmental Engineering focuses on environmental technology, chemical and biotechnological laboratory and microbiology
In addition there is a special three-year course called Aufbaulehrgang (advanced training course). This track allows students who have already successfully completed a minimum of three years at a different secondary technical or vocational school for agriculture and forestry the opportunity to complete the Reife- und Diplomprüfung.
Qualifications and Occupational Fields

The "Reifeprüfung"-Certificate of a college for agriculture and forestry provides graduates with the following qualifications:
access to university studies
entitlement to the occupational title of "Ingenieur"
qualifications acquired in the course of apprenticeship training and through the Skilled Workers Exam in the relevant fields of agriculture and forestry. In addition, graduates of colleges of agriculture and forestry are exempted from having to do a preparatory course for admission to the Master Craftsman Exam
qualifications necessary for the self-employed exercise of a commercial trade, provided they can prove to have worked in the field of commerce for at least two years.
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